Kit and scratchbuilt model aircraft are my passion. This website is a platform for that passion. Roam around, be sure to check out the blogs and articles. Content will be added on a regular basis. The fun is just beginning!


                                     Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to experience model construction. We believe there is value in building your own model. Not value as in cheap, but value in a deeper sense of the word.

In the satisfaction of a job well done…

In the quality of a solidly built model…

In the flight characteristics that come from true craftsmanship

And last, but not least, the looks of admiration when you say I built it myself.”

We at Brubaker Models are about the journey, and building with us is a good place to start!



Eric Brubaker is a creator, innovator, and a free-thinker. He has been involved in model aviation since 1995, when an announcement in his hometown newspaper caught his eye: the Nappanee Flying Dutchmen Radio Control Club in Northern Indiana was hosting a Fun Fly. That event was only the beginning of the grand adventure.

Since attending that Fun Fly, Brubaker has designed, built, flown, and crashed more than a few planes of his own. His first scratch-built airplane was a ¼ scale Pitts S-2 that he built in a small garden shed in the back yard. It was built from MAN plans and sported a converted Ryobi weed-wacker engine.

Reviving interest in the building process is the driving force behind the aircraft being designed at Brubaker Models. With so many ARFs on the market, and the resulting loss of individuality at the field, Brubaker seeks to reignite the passion for the craftsmanship and quality that accompany model construction.

His first design was the “Kwiki”, which saw its maiden flight in May of 2002, followed by a mix of concepts; most recently, his retro-style glider the “EB-5” has added aerotowing to the list of experiences.

Today, Brubaker works as a full scale aircraft fabricator/mechanic at Scaled Composites, former company of aviation designer, Burt Rutan. He is active in his local flying club, the Tehachapi Crosswinds. He and his wife and their two daughters, who also fly RC, live in Tehachapi, with his Basset hound, Pepper.


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