The WildKard is an RC sport plane with an unusual look. Born in the Mojave desert and with the tail on the wrong end, it adds an interesting twist to your arsenal of foamies. It can be flown on 150 watts just to cruise around your local park. Or, as a 250 watt powerhouse, it will scream around the pylons, making it a great club racer. It builds quickly and easily with a minimum in tools and supplies. The kit includes all of the necessary laser cut parts as well as pushrods and motor mounting hardware. No electronics are included. Regular price is $59 + shipping. Get yours today – INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL $39 + shipping. Sale runs through June 1, 2015.

Shipping is $12 for one kit in the USA and $4 for each additional kit. Allow 3-4 business days for your purchase to ship.

 BUILD YOUR WILDKARD NOW! $39 + Shipping  

The manual for the WildKard is a PDF download available here. Feel free to print the document if you wish to assist your build in the shop. Please note that a printed manual is NOT included with this kit; it must be downloaded. View or print the: WildKard Instruction Manual

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A couple of WildKards racing in Mojave: